Educational Software & Media…so much fun!

I wanted to start my blog by thanking my fellow partners: Liz , Luke, Rochelle, and Amy for collaborating on our classroom presentation on Educational Software and Media.

We hope that you enjoyed our student lead research and we look forward to read your blog posts about Educational Software and Media.

This year for the first time, I began using “The” Google Classroom. I was against it at first, though since my school is looking at “less printing” and using Chromebooks, I decided to jump in and try it. So far, it has been going really well. I am still “killing trees” and printing assignments for my students, though I am enjoying the organization of the program as my students can easily view and post their own assignments. I am also enjoying that I can  quickly asess their assignments and provide quick feedback for my students. 

 The other day I posted a review with a program called Kahoot to review a movie that we had just viewed in our French Immersion class. They quite enjoyed it as it had the students were interactively using their own devices. I did have  acouple of students who did not have acess to a cell phone, so I had them share in partners. I was reminded that not all students have acess to the internect as well as acess to certain smart phones.

When looking at other Educationl tech, I have grown quite fond of Skype Classroom. Being a French immersion and Spanish teacher it’s been a great tool for my students to authentically practice a language with other language learners.

I feel that Skype Classroom is an amazing and engaging learning tool for my students. Teachers from all over the city, Country and world can connect with each other via engagement, learning and resources. It’ a very cool tool to open your classroom walls beyond the school building.  It’s also an opportunity for students to see what’s out there in regards to language learning, diversity and cultures.

Years ago in elementary while learning French in the French Immersion elementary setting, my teacher had our classroom do pen pals via letter writing to a classroom from Quebec. It was exciting on a monthly basis to talk with my pen pal in this format. But now with all sorts of technology out there, I can take language learning further with my students. To integrate this technology, it is not just for the sake of integrating it, it is so the students are feeling engaged but at the same time putting to use what they have learned.

By using Skype in the classroom, my students are very engaged for the reason that the are practicing language learning authentically with other language leaners. This type of technology is useful not only in language learning but also valuable in all core subject areas.

Have you ever used Skype Classroom? If not, how and why would you try using this tool? How would this benefit your students and their learning? What are your thoughts?





5 thoughts on “Educational Software & Media…so much fun!

  1. Thanks for you positive review on google classroom. I like the idea that everything could be digital and save the trees not to mention lost assignments or carrying assignments to and from school, both myself and students. There is one reason I have not used google classroom. This is because I feel having a piece of technology for every student rarely happens. Or I feel I might have enough one day but the when I go back to continue working another class needs the computers. What are your thoughts on that?

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    1. You are absolutely right. Some students do not have access to technology so it is super important that as educators we balance. I still have students who still like to use Bristle board for presentations and it is always accepted and encouraged. Paper and marker can still be balanced with technology.
      Thanks. 🙂

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  2. Great post Krista! I have used Skype in the past but wasn’t even aware that Skype Classroom was a thing! I created a #seesawlinkup called “GlobalGrade2s” last year through Seesaw with other Seesaw classrooms across N America ( I hope to do another one later this year to compare/contrast our communities and Skype Classroom could greatly benefit this experience. Thanks for suggesting!

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    1. Hi Erin thanks so much. I just began understanding Seesaw this past week with my son’s grade 2 classroom. His teacher is using it and my husband and I are really enjoying this application that is coming from his classroom. It’s a neat way to see what he is doing in the classroom with his teacher and classmates.


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