It’s all about balance

Hi all!

Happy Saturday night!

While my children are sleeping, it is now time to work on my blog post for this week.

Being a full time teacher, wife and mom of two, I have become a night owl these past few years. It gives me a chance to focus and read my EC&I 833 classmate’s blogs.

HUGE thanks to Roxanne, Jayme, Ashley, Nancy and Andrew for their presentation on productivity tools that they did for Tuesday’s class. A HUGE thanks to Alec for showing me the beautiful image of a Hawaiian beach. Thanks to you, I began my search for a beach to relax on with my family. I checked out the travel site Sell off Vacations  for hours after our class. I was distracted by all the beaches and resorts that I want to see. (So thanks Alec!) I’ll be spending some $$$$ this Christmas break I am sure.

Even though this week was a short school week for teachers (we had three way conferences in the high schools Thursday) it was a crazy and busy week. Does anyone ever feel like it’s Groundhog Day every Monday? It starts over and over again,  the weekend goes by way to fast and then boom… it starts all over again on Monday. Why are Monday’s always so crazy?!?

I have to admit, I’m a bit of a workaholic as I prep, mark and check my emails daily ….even on my weekends. Does anyone here find work emails these days excessive? I swear they grow in size that sometimes I have to start filtering the less important ones to the end of the day.


As we discussed in class, technology is becoming more and more distracting and less productive. Emails can be productive and useful when used properly. I have to be honest, I receive repeat emails from the same upcoming school activities that I have no idea why. Perhaps the sender is worried that:

a) No one received it.

b) No one read it and deleted it

Still by me reading these numerous, sometimes unproductive emails, my day is becoming less productive with this technology. Instead of running to the photocopy machine to prep, or to call a parent about a concern, I am being more unproductive by reading unproductive emails. Is there a balance? Should I only read emails once in the morning, once after school and again before bed? What if I miss something important? It truly is a balancing act with our technology these days as sometimes communication at work is via email, phone and less by face to face contact as suggested in the class readings for this week, “The impact of email in the workplace”.

I could easily relate to this quote when discussing emails in the workplace:

“Sending emails when a fast response is needed isn’t a good move. When time is of the essence, talking with someone in person or making a phone call is typically a better approach.”

Let’s be honest, we are communicating less and less via face to face contact. Since when did this method become the norm? Think about the parent emails we have sent in the past in regards to concerns for our students. Would it not have been better to do so via face to face or via the telephone to have open and clear communication? What if our message via email is being read or interpreted wrong?  As educators it is truly important to make that connection with our student’s parents if need be. I think because our days have become so hectic, we have slightly moved away from making true connections with our student’s families.

I also need to reconsider my email checking at home. I need to re-focus my time away from work on my family and less on the technology such as my work emails. It’s all about balancing the technology at work these days and to not bring it at home.





2 thoughts on “It’s all about balance

  1. Hi Krista,
    I also related to the quote “Sending emails when a fast response is needed isn’t a good move. When time is of the essence, talking with someone in person or making a phone call is typically a better approach.” I wish everyone sending emails could make reference to this quote. I am too busy teaching to check emails more than once a day. I feel like if I check it more than that I am being unproductive with my valuable time. Thanks for sharing and hoping the emails will slow down.

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  2. Great thoughts on work email. I agree that it’s a little overwhelming at times. It is somewhat sad that technologies that were meant to save us time now actually take up more of our time. It’s very true that phone conversations or face to face meetings are sometimes a better alternative if clarity is paramount. Thanks for sharing!


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