Change is constant in Education & the Web

Huge thanks to our fellow classmates Kyle, Angus, Erin, Naomi and Heidi for their presentation on Web 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0. I really enjoyed our #eci833chat via Twitter and the great discussion that took place.

Secondly…….Web 3.0 : Your presentation and this video explains it perfectly:

From an educational standpoint, the changes from Web 2.0 to 3.0 will change the way we use the internet. It’s important that students and educators take note of this change as it will change the way we use the internet in our classrooms. Web 3.0 as Jackie Gerstein explained in her article, will provide even more collaborative knowledge through interaction and will also increase the learning opportunities for both the student and the teacher. Learners will become constructivists, they will be able to make even more connections and create in meaningful ways through Web 3.0.

As an educator who has embraced technology in education, it’s important that teachers educated themselves about the transition to Web 3.0. The internet and educational tools are constantly changing that for some teachers this may be overwhelming. It truly is, though at the same time it’s important to stay up to date about the new tools that will help motivate our learners in the classroom. Our learners are already learning about these tools, to the point that our students are sometimes teaching the educators about them.


My students have been using Google Docs and varied programs for quite some time. In fact, they have been collaborating, co-creating in projects prior to coming into my classroom. Teachers have also been using collaborative tools in planning as well as using presentations tools with their students and fellow staff members. By using and implementing these tools in a meaningful way for our students, the transition into Web 3.0 will be of a smooth transition, as most educators and students have already been using these collaborative tools for quite some time.

I enjoyed the quote from Heidi’s blog this week, “Do not confine your children to your own learning, for they were born in another time.” Of course with change comes resistance. Not all educators will “buy in” and accept Web 3.0 in their teaching practices. Lunch and learns, interacting and collaborating with our own personal learning networks, professional development, Grad classes will help ease the stress of learning new educational tools and encourage the implementation of Web 3.0.  By using new tools while implementing the curriculum, our students will meet the outcomes in the most effective and inspirational way.

I know that every teacher on this planet wants to teach the curriculum in an effective manner as well as inspire his/her students in the process. Our students also come with varied learning backgrounds that will require varied teaching styles in order to successfully meet the outcomes. Technology will help in this process, it’s just about taking that next step and accepting and learning about what’s out there and helpful for our students and their learning.

What are your thoughts? How can we can educators to use and meaningfully integrate Web 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 in the classroom?








One thought on “Change is constant in Education & the Web

  1. Good points Krista. Teacher buy-in is a huge piece to consider. Ultimately it’s important that teachers see the benefits of new tech as it applies to the mastery of educational outcomes. I think the transition to 3.0 will be quite seamless and has already started in many respects. As long teachers remain reflective practitioners, it seems as though further advancements in edtech will be beneficial to pedagogy.

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