Assessing assessment technology tools that are out of this world!

I was quite excited for this week’s class topic on Assessment technologies. Huge thanks to our fellow classmates Tyson, Jen, Nathalie and Nicole on your many great tools that were shared for effective students learning and assessment. Not to mention the great list of resources that was shared! So awesome to collaborate on what works in our classrooms as educators as this is in itself another great resource….sharing!

Gone are the days (for some educators) where we use tests (paper and pen) for every assessment to see if our students understand the required outcomes.

With technology has also come unique and varied assessment tools that can be useful for every educator from the elementary, high school and post-secondary settings.

As discussed in previous discussions from my blog, technology use by educators is “one day at a time” method so new Ed TECH learners (teachers) are not overwhelmed. Though in reality there are so many assessment tools out there, it’s important to reflect and review what technology assessment tools may be useful when assessing your learners.

Kahoot is awesome! Plain and simple. Once the students in the classroom understand the rules of cell phones and the meaning behind Digital citizenship, this tool can be quite useful to see of there in comprehension for what has been learned. From a personal example, my students read a novel and instead of a written quiz, they participated in chapter reviews from a Kahoot to review the novel. It’s a great way to assess if my learners have been reading and if there is understanding of the required chapters. It’s also a way for me to see what I can change for future understandings of the reading. As Heidy’s discussed in her blog, there is excitement and engagement when using this tool for our varied learners.


Though with every assessment tool comes technology issues. For example, not all students have access to cell phones. In this case I have students pair up and make teams so every student can participate. With teams, brings less stress and more collaborative learning in the classroom.

I just began looking at Plickers and I am very invested to try this assessment tool in my languages classroom setting. This You Tube instructional video was quite useful too:

-I noticed is it quite easy to set up.

-The cards are re-usable (better to laminate)

-I can create a free account

-Can use one device (teacher device) instead of multiple devices

-Very easy to use true and false or multiple choice questions

-Can use an opinion survey

-Can easily create questions

-They even have a calendar item… great for planning (for varied subjects)

-I can look back to see data reports for my students

-Gives me data from my students in real time

– I can use 63 bar codes per class

-Assigns the card number per students (to keep track of assessment)

-The questions can be projected to my students using my data projector while they use their cards.

-See if students have understood a learning concept.

I am super interested in using this tool for my languages classroom. The benefit is, you only need one device for many instances. It’s also a great tool for formative assessment.

There are so many positives with assessment technology. For example as discussed it is flexible, it is faster and efficient and most importantly, it can provide differentiated learning opportunities. Did I mention it improves student engagement in the classroom setting (when used effectively)? Of course as mentioned earlier there are some drawbacks such as bandwidth connection issues as well as not all students having access to technology.

Though to increase student engagement will also require “at times” the use of technology tools when assessing our learners today. Not all will support this idea, though with time and learning these tools will help support our students in their learning.

Fellow EC&I 833 classmates, what is your favorite technology assessment tool? Can you recommend a great one for languages learning?




4 thoughts on “Assessing assessment technology tools that are out of this world!

  1. I gave Plickers a try this week and really appreciated how quick and easy it was to set up. My students don’t have devices so it really won me over when I realized we only need one device to collect the data!

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  2. Hey Krista! I really appreciate your thoughts here. I don’t have an assessment technology to share but I do have a question: Do students get to see all this data you are able to gather with Plickers? I know you haven’t used it yet but it’s one of the things that is always on my mind (Thanks Audrey Watters!) There is so much talk about how great it is for the teacher to see students’ progress, change over time, the things they understand vs the things they don’t but what about students? Personally I think it is great for students to see this about themselves but most platforms don’t think students should see that. And it bugs me because technically it is their data. They are the thing being studied but they never get to see the results. I feel the same way when I participate in a research project as a subject but am not offered the chance to be sent results. I am part of it so should it not, in some way, be mine? Just one of those things I think about a lot so I’m curious to see what you think!


  3. I agree with Erin that is it great to have a tool that all students do not need a device for. That can be frustrating. Plickers looks great! There have been so many great ideas this week. I need a holiday just to play with them all.


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