Until we meet again EC&I 833

As I type this post, I cannot believe a semester has already flown by and we have already reached the end of our EC&I 833 course. Bellow you will find my Summary of Learning with my partners Luke and Liz. Not only am I lucky to have done this project with these two fine classmates, I am also proud to call them my teammates at work.

The impacts of what I have learned in this course have been profound as they have and continue to shape the way I teach. This is my second Master’s and I still feel as though there is always more to learn and share with my fellow teaching colleagues.

I have understood that technology can be used meaningfully while teaching curricular outcomes.  I will continue to try a variety of tools, assistive technology tools  that are beneficial for my teaching and that are useful for all learners.  I am still wondering what technologies are purposeful and useful for EVERYONE in the classroom.  As I go on in my teaching, I hope to find answers to that question.

The historical background of technology helped me process where we were and where we have come to today. Theories such as Connectivism, Constructivism, Behaviourism, Cognitivism, and Social Constructivism all play a role in how I am teaching through the curriculum. There is so much out there to use in the classroom. I continue to learn in my own teaching practices and try new technologies that are both meaningful and engaging.

There is sometimes resistance where we teach…… I think of Katia’s presentation on audio-visual technologies and how tech tools were seen as dangerous tools. This is not so different from today, as some educators are still against using technology in the classroom. Though I do believe with the understanding of teaching of Digital Citizenship, technology can be used purposefully and safely with our students.

I have found that a variety of tools specifically Kahoot and Mentimeter have changed the way I teach my students. These tools not only help me follow curriculum, they can also be used for formative assessment purposes. There are so many tools out there such as Socrative, Google Classroom and Poll Everywhere.  I am determined to continue to use these tools and new ones as they come into play in my teaching career.

Something that was an eye opening experience for me was how our Educational Systems has been and continue to be controlled by some technology systems like Google. How can we benefit from these systems and ensure that our students are receiving the best education? If students do not have access to education from the face to face contact, how can we ensure all students have access to online learning? How can we ensure that all students can have access to a device? How can we continually promote Digital Citizens with the new Web 3.0? How can we continually understand that technology can be used safely and meaningfully? As educators this is something that we will be continually working on as we move onto new technologies in our teaching careers.

The learning will never stop. Period! It is forever ongoing.

I wanted to say a huge thanks to Alec, our guest speaker Katia and fellow EC&I 833classmates for a wonderful semester.  Thank-you for sharing your knowledge and insights.

May we all continue to grow alongside our students within technology in the classroom and help create positive digital citizens. Thanks for having such a positive impact on my learning #EC&I 833. Please stay in touch via Twitter and our PLN.

Gracias and merci!




9 thoughts on “Until we meet again EC&I 833

  1. Great Summary of Learning. We sure have came a long ways !! Love the movie app. It will be interesting where we go from here in the future


  2. Your summary had me laughing out loud Krista! I loved your “at the scene at Campbell” segment reporting on assessment technologies. What a perfect reaction from your two other reporters! I learned a lot from you this semester, Krista! Thanks and happy holidays!


  3. Vem skulle inte älska att ha det snygga bordet hemma hos sig!? 😉 Varför det skulle passa perfekt hos just mig är för att varje gÃ¥ng jag skulle gÃ¥ förbi det eller titta pÃ¥ det skulle jag bli sÃ¥ lycklig!!!! ( dessutom behöver jag &qtqo;uuffa&outt; till det lite här hemma 😉 Självklart har jag gillat My tivoli pÃ¥ facebook! Älskar loggan, älskar sidan, älskar utbudet!


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