The Alpha who?

After our EC&I 832 online class last week, the term “Alpha generation” was a new term for me. As Alec had mentioned during our online discussion, every generation has always had an opinion or has made a judgment on the various past generations and their use of various technologies. I really enjoyed watching the videos this week from Bree  Danielle  Kyla and Brittany on their definition on what it means to be a digital citizen. Thank-you for sharing your finding ladies! 

Though when looking back in our history, every trend and every technology has taught us something new and has made a contribution to our society either in a positive or negative light.  With change comes discomfort and uncertainty, though it also comes with new and exciting possibilities. By being open to change and understanding the new future, it opens up the opportunities to teach our learners / children about how to steer themselves in the right direction. Meaning it is necessary to take positive steps with change and to help prepare our learners / students / children for what is to come for them in their future.


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Digital citizenship will play a huge role in this process for the reason that today’s students have various technologies at their fingertips. It will not come naturally to our learners as they are still unaware of their own digital footprint. DC would need to be integrated / taught in the classroom where it is somewhat of a norm (not just taught in one unit) in any subject area to protect and ensure that students understand the importance of their own digital citizenship.

As discussed in the 2020 Future Work Skills, it is necessary that these ten skills: social intelligence, cross cultural competency, novel and adaptive thinking, design mindset, new media literacy, computational thinking, trans-disciplinary , virtual collaboration and cognitive load management be implemented in the work place and education systems.

These ten skill will support digital citizenship with the Alpha generation and also future generations. Furthermore, our learners will become more critical in their thinking as well as have an open mindset to the new technologies that will develop.

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2 thoughts on “The Alpha who?

  1. It’s a different paradigm when discussing tech skills for our students and then to realize that our children need the same new set of skills and if our students were our children, what would we want them to know?
    I think I agree with you that digital citizenship is crucial. We should do a video about it. 😉


  2. Your last sentence – “…our learners will become more critical in their thinking as well as have an open mindset to the new technologies that will develop.” I am really hoping so, although it seems that we are going the opposite direction. This may be something you may want to explore in the future – articles like this tell a different story!


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